Indie Cinema Showcase is a Florida based television show that spotlights the arts & entertainment communities in Central Florida as well as the talents from all over the state. ICS is a made by filmmakers for filmmakers and for all those who love movies. 


We highlight indie films, filmmakers and film schools. We showcase their work and visit film sets and locations. The films we spotlight are made in Florida or by filmmakers who went to film school here or currently live in Florida.

What We Do


We visit Conventions and highlight some of the fun things to do. We showcase vendors and artist, celebrities and cos players. We also visit Film Festivals and highlight some of the films and filmmakers who get into the festival.


We talk with individuals from all facet of the entertainment industry. From actors, directors, producers, editors, writers to composers, make-up artist, visual effects artists and legal experts.

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Gerald J Godbout III
Creator, Writer, Editor, Director & Producer

Meet the Team

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Christina Carmona
Host, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
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Nando Luis Roman
Host, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Ashton Bracciodieta
Field Camera
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